Labor Support

sliding scale $500 – $1000

  • complimentary consultation or referral to best match
  • evidence-based phone, text, and email doula support upon hire during standard business hours, and 24 hour doula support once on call
  • 2 – 3 prenatal visits depending on due date. during these visits we will discuss or create your physiologic and cesarean section birth plan.
  • bonus prenatal visit for those booking before 20 weeks
  • on-call starting 37 weeks
  • continuous support during labor
    • focused, one-on-one care
    • early labor support in your home
    • continuous support in your chosen birthing location
    • guidance and assistance with relaxation, breathing, and positions
    • explanation of medical information to ensure informed consent
    • unbiased advocate for your birth plan and you
    • assistance with establishing nursing, if desired
    • remain after delivery to ensure baby and parent(s) are well and bonding started
  • 2 postpartum visits
    • one in first week and one by six weeks after delivery
    • parent-focused care
    • labor, birth, and new parent processing
    • nursing, feeding, babywearing, infant care, and transition information and support
    • community resource referrals

Postpartum Fourth Trimester Support

sliding scale $25 – 35 hourly, two hour minimum

The fourth trimester is a transitionary period for parent, child, and family, during which the birthing parent must rest as much as possible while a newborn needs as much care as possible. Turn to your village for support. Contact me today to tailor a package to your needs from the offerings below. Available 8AM – 9PM daily, some holiday availability!

  • Family care
    • creating a restful recovery environment
    • processing birth and fourth trimester experience
    • meal preparation
    • household assistance
    • local errands
    • sibling guidance
    • referrals to community resources
  • Newborn care
    • babywearing
    • feeding (bottle or nursing)
    • swaddling
    • bathing
    • diapering


Gift Certificates

Always available in $50 and $100 amounts, a perfect group baby shower gift – invest in a supportive birth for your loved one. Call or email today!

Nursing Pads

Handmade, 100% cotton reusable nursing pads. Tuck them against nipples to catch leakage, then reuse as gentle, absorbent washable pads, perfect for facial cleansing and baby bathtime. Set of three. $10.

Menstrual Pads

Handmade, 100% cotton reusable menstrual pads. set includes one liner and two inserts – use just the liner or all three together for absorbency needed, be it lochia or regular menstruation. $15.


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