Labor Support

sliding scale $800 – $1200

  • complimentary consultation or referral to best match
  • evidence-based phone, text, and email doula support upon hire during standard business hours, and 24 hour doula support once on call
  • 2 – 3 prenatal visits depending on due date. during these visits we will discuss or create your physiologic and cesarean section birth vision as well as practice laboring positions and create a postpartum plan.
    • bonus prenatal visit for those booking before 20 weeks
  • on-call starting 37 weeks until 2 weeks postpartum
  • continuous support during labor
    • focused, one-on-one care
    • early labor support in your home
    • continuous support in your chosen birthing location
    • guidance and assistance with relaxation, breathing, and positions
    • explanation of medical information to ensure informed consent
    • unbiased advocate for your birth plan and you
    • assistance with establishing nursing, if desired
    • remain after delivery to ensure baby and parent(s) are well and bonding started
  • 2 postpartum visits
    • one in first week and one three weeks after delivery
    • parent-focused care
    • labor, birth, and new parent processing
    • nursing, feeding, babywearing, infant care, and transition information and support
    • community resource referrals
    • assistance strategizing asking for help, setting boundaries, weighing infant medical needs such as choosing a pediatrician, and non-religious planning for baby’s first religious ceremony if part of your traditions

Perinatal Rituals


  • $200
  • nondenominational and nonappropriative, tailored to your spiritual needs
  • between 35 and 38 weeks of pregnancy
  • for you and a small group of your beloveds, I lead a ritual with songs, readings, and your beloveds’ blessings to mentally and emotionally prepare you for labor and parenthood in the support of your community

Placenta Burial

  • $200
  • nondenominational and nonappropriative, tailored to your spiritual needs
  • at time of your choosing (placenta must be appropriately stored, but a frozen placenta can be interred years after a birth)
  • ‘burial’ is most common but burning or other environmentally-friendly spiritual disposal / return to earth can be devised per your needs and location available
  • for you and a small group of your beloveds, I lead a ritual with songs, readings, and beloveds’ blessings for you and your child to emotionally separate from the pregnancy and birth period and come into parenting with the support of your community

End of Lochia / Return of Menstruation Private Ritual

  • $50
  • nondenominational and nonappropriative, tailored to your spiritual needs
  • for the birthing person to do alone or with a beloved
  • includes personal nondenominational prayer / intention, beeswax candle, red string, and tea blend

Postpartum Fourth Trimester Support

sliding scale $25 – 35 hourly, two hour minimum

The fourth trimester is a transitionary period for parent, child, and family, during which the birthing parent must rest as much as possible while a newborn needs as much care as possible. Turn to your village for support. Contact me today to tailor a package to your needs from the offerings below. Available 8AM – 9PM daily, some holiday availability!

  • Family care
    • creating a restful recovery environment
    • processing birth and fourth trimester experience
    • meal preparation
    • household assistance
    • local errands
    • sibling guidance
    • referrals to community resources
    • support in finding and understanding evidence-based medical care (such as choosing a pediatrician or deciding on a circumcision or frenectomy)
    • support in planning non-religious logistics for baby’s first religious ceremony in your tradition
  • Newborn care
    • babywearing
    • feeding (bottle or nursing)
    • swaddling
    • bathing
    • diapering


Gift Certificates

Always available in $50 and $100 amounts, a perfect group baby shower gift – invest in a supportive birth for your loved one. Call or email today!

Nursing Pads

Handmade, 100% cotton reusable nursing pads. Tuck them against nipples to catch leakage, then reuse as gentle, absorbent washable pads, perfect for facial cleansing and baby bathtime. Set of three. $10.

Menstrual Pads

Handmade, 100% cotton reusable menstrual pads. set includes one liner and two inserts – use just the liner or all three together for absorbency needed, be it lochia or regular menstruation. $15.


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