before the birth

  • Evidence Based Birth – unbiased evidence-based perinatal information
  • Birth Network of Santa Cruz
  • Birth Network of Monterey
  • the first forty days by Ou, Greeven, Belger – part cookbook, part manifesto on the sacredness of rest immediately postpartum
  • awakening fertility, Ou, Greeven, Belger – part multiethnic cookbook, part guide to slowing and preparing mentally for pregnancy
  • Mama Natural – free site with a focus on natural, chemical-free, gentle parenting
  • The Birth Partner, 5th ed., by Simkin and Rohs – a labor-focused reference notable for its use of gender-neutral and -inclusive language
  • Natural Hospital Birth, 2nd ed., by Cynthia Gabriel – a good read while considering your birth plan
  • The Doula Book, 3rd ed., by Klaus MD, Kennell MD, and Klaus MFT LMSW – an answer to ‘but what does a doula do?,’ ‘but my spouse will be there,’ and ‘are there any medical benefits to having a doula?’ (Yes!)
  • Free Prenatal Yoga – check with your medical provider before starting any exercise routines
  • Santa Cruz Pregnancy and Postpartum – facebook group
  • Family Health Programs – from the Santa Cruz County Health Services Agency
  • Speak Up Santa Cruz – perinatal mental health resources from Santa Cruz County
  • CPSP Comprehensive Perinatal Services Programs – a statewide program to provide quality care for the perinatal period. see the Santa Cruz County site here and the Monterey County site here for more information. A statewide website is also available for an overview of the program.

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