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Julianne holding 8 month old baby Juniper

Hello, my name is Julianne and my pronouns are they / them. I am parent to baby Juniper, who I birthed with the support of my birth team in the most empowering moment of my life. I am a queer, mixed race person living and learning in Santa Cruz. I love to make things and my hands are rarely still. The accessibility of audiobooks from the library was a boon to my crafting and baking time. Food is my love language, and my biggest act of perinatal self-care was stocking my freezer with seaweed soup per Korean tradition. In 2020 I became certified as a Saltwater Doula.

Pomegranates were a theme throughout my life, from the trees in my grandmother’s and mother’s gardens, to my favorite tale of Persephone’s Ascension, and in my Jewish heritage. Ancient symbology connects pomegranates with fertility. They are crowned, and round as a pregnant belly.

why a birth companion?

The word doula is a direct translation of an Ancient Greek word meaning female slave of a woman, gifted to her postpartum. We will work together to ensure your birth unfolds as you envisioned. I provide continuous companionship through active labor to give you the emotional and physical support you need. Read more on this blog post.


You deserve the safe, healthy, happy birth you want.

I am here to facilitate that, whether you want an epidural as soon as you can, you don’t want any medications for yourself or your baby, or you want to wait and see how you feel during labor. I provide you information to make the best decision as you see fit – you are the parent, not me.

Birth is one of the most empowering possible moments in a person’s life. It is a spiritual, magical time, and there is plenty of humor to be found in our most sacred events. Spiritual can mean serious and silly, as long as it feels right for you.

I advocate for your desires and needs. The American system is set up to disenfranchise and silence minority voices, be they Black, Indigenous, or people of color; women, nonbinary, trans, or queer people. I am your megaphone. You deserve the safe, healthy, happy birth you want.



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