red raspberry leaf boba and jelly tea

Tired of drinking gallons and gallons of the same red raspberry leaf tea? I got bored too. Try this to enliven your red raspberry leaf tea as you prepare to meet your baby. A boba straw is nice but not necessary if you have a long handled spoon.

Makes one serving of boba with a jello-like jelly to add to your drink.


  • red raspberry leaf tea (can’t find it? try a local health food store, herbal or apothecary, or online anywhere from amazon to adagio teas.)
  • sweetener to taste – try a more complex sugar like honey, fruit juice, molasses, or maple syrup
  • unflavored gelatin (I used Knox brand from a basic grocery)
  • boba / tapioca balls – I got mine off amazon but an asian market or local specialty store should have them
  • frozen fruit as desired – berries work well
  • milk as desired, dairy or non dairy

Tea and Ice

Boil 40 oz water. Add 5 tablespoons pure red raspberry leaf. Steep 15 minutes, covered – I let mine steep until cool enough to handle. Strain, and pour ~4 oz into ice cube trays. Freeze. You will have to wash the tray after, as the tea leaves a brown residue.  Reserve 8 oz for jelly. Jar, sweeten to taste, and refrigerate.


Use 8 oz of still warm RRLT and 3 envelopes (¾ oz) unflavoured gelatin. Water must be hot or gelatin will not fully dissolve and will result in grainy texture. Stir in gelatin until dissolved, about 5 minutes. Pour into a container (rectangular is easiest) and refrigerate until firm.

Once firm, cut into small pieces – about ¼ inch or 0.5cm cubes – and remove from container. This will be very stiff, and should be cut small enough to fit through your straw.


When you are ready for your drink, make your boba balls. Follow package directions. If no directions available in your preferred language, the instructions below are commonly used. Remember the balls expand somewhat but not greatly once boiled, and to taste test to ensure a full cook and no crunchy center. Tapioca is best within 4 hours and should not be made ahead.

In a pot with a lid, boil 2 ½ cups water. Once boiling, stir in ¼ cup tapioca balls. Do not cover.

Once tapioca rises to the top (about 2 minutes), cover and cook on medium heat 2 – 3 minutes. Turn off heat and cook 2 – 3 minutes further (longer for softer).

Scoop tapioca into ice water for a minute or so, then remove either directly into beverage or into a syrup bath.


Put desired amount of boba, jelly, and any frozen fruits or sweeteners into glass. Add tea ice cubes for extra cold without dilution. Pour cold red raspberry leaf tea over it. Add milk (dairy or non dairy) as desired. Enjoy with boba straw or sip from the glass and use a long handled spoon.

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